The story... 

The roots of Great American Productions dates back to the late 1980s. With many of the group having spent more than two decades in multiple crafts of the 9 Arts

The team at Great American Productions has been forged from their working relationship chiseled over many projects together.  They are seamless, and some of the most experienced commercial artists, showrunners, producers, stylists, photographers, creative directors and strategic leaders in the content production community.

Some of the varied projects we've worked on over the seasons include block buster programming such as NBC's The Apprentice & Top Gear, ESPN X-Games and HGTV's Design Star.  As well as endless Branded Content, Print Ad Campaigns, Webcasts, Corporate Videos and TV Commercials.  

Lastly, we've worked with a large variety of broadcast, cable and internet networks including ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX Sports, Discovery, NatGeo, Bravo, Spike,,, Freeform and others.